The Tête d’Or park, an exceptional place in the city of Lyon

French soil, especially the city of Lyon, has one of the most wonderful parks in the world. A true tourist institution in this Lyon city, this park receives thousands of visitors a year. If you are looking for a great place to relax with family and friends, do not hesitate to visit. Discover in this article, the wonders of this park.

History of the Tête d’Or park in Lyon

The Tête d’Or park in Lyon covers nearly 105 hectares and is built in the marshes of the Rhône. This park was inaugurated in 1857, the year in which New York’s legendary Central Park was created. The park was created at the instigation of the prefect and the mayor of Lyon. The aim was to ‘’ give nature to those who don’t have it ’’. For the realization of the idea of ​​the two leaders, the construction was entrusted to the landscape brothers Denis and Eugène Bühler and to the famous engineer Gustave Bonnet. On vacation in our beautiful city, you have found where to sleep in Lyon and are you looking for an exceptional and unique place in France? How about visiting this fabulous park?

What is the Tête d´or park in Lyon made of?

The magnificent Tête d’Or park in Lyon is a true masterpiece. Designed with an ergonomic plan, this park has everything to leave visitors perplexed thanks to a Botanical Garden, a zoological garden, a lake and a velodrome. It is accessible by 7 entrances, the largest of which is thirty-two meters in length. This entrance is called the Rhône children’s gate and opens onto the vast lake which stretches over 16 hectares. Completely open with free access, the park is fenced with a low wall topped with iron which offers a beautiful view from the outside. This magnificent park also has several greenhouses. Greenhouses were built in 1880. The visit of these greenhouses remains free. You will discover there 6000 species of plants. The most dominant are tropical species. In the vicinity of the greenhouses are posted signs which inform you more about these plants. Roses are also present in this park. They represent a part of the botanical garden created in 1980. This rose garden encompasses all 570 varieties of roses (climbing rose, white rose, pale pink flower, white rose with red bud, etc.). Within this space dedicated to roses, we can see three different rose gardens. There is the historic rose garden, set up for retrace the history of growing roses. The study and competition rose garden, for its part, is intended to house the new varieties of rose. It is on this space that the award for the most beautiful rose is presented. And finally, the international rose garden where we find different species of roses identifiable all over the world. As for the zoo, this is the part that allows you to see the many animals that exist in nature. It is spread over nearly 3 hectares with nearly 4000 animals. You will find giraffes, zebras, crocodiles, flamingos, watusis, lemurs and many other forms of animals. These animals are in three types of environment in the zoo: savannah, wetland, and rainforest. In addition to the tourist aspect, this park aims to educate. In the zoo you will find biotypes aimed at educating about maintaining biodiversity. For the safety of visitors, some of these animal species are housed in enclosures and others in cages. As mentioned above, a large lake is also present in this park. Around this lake you will find geese, swans, ducks and all kinds of animals. Boats have been set up and can be borrowed if you wish to take a tour on the lake. The velodrome was built in 1894 and renovated several times. This space has a concrete track that measures 333 meters. It is home to several competitions such as the World Cycling Championship in 1989.

The Tête d’Or park, a real gem in the city of Lyon

The Lyon Tête d’Or park It’s not just a simple place, but it takes you to discover the wonders of nature. In addition to the comfort, you are not exposed to any danger. Reassuring security measures have been taken. Whether it is a sightseeing visit or an educational outing, the Tête d´or Park is the wonderful place for you. In addition to free and open access, you benefit from the staff in place for your orientation. So what are you waiting for to discover this magnificent site during your stay in Lyon?