Top 5 best activities to do in Lyon during your vacation

Top 5 best activities to do in Lyon during your vacation
Lyon is a wonderfully contrasting city, a fascinating blend of modern and old charm. The city has it all: superb museums, wide open spaces, contemporary works of art, historical and cultural monuments dating back two thousand years, secret tunnels and cobbled alleys that crisscross its charming neighborhoods. From admiring Renaissance art and architecture at the city’s Museum of Fine Arts, tasting Côtes du Rhône wines with a sommelier or learning how to prepare some of the city’s best culinary dishes, there’s it all. simply so many activities to do in Lyon that make this city so pleasant to visit! Therefore, if you are planning to visit France in the near future and have doubts about the activities to do in Lyon, even after including it in your projects, don’t worry, we have thought of everything for you! Here is a selection of the 5 best activities to do in Lyon that will not only make you fall in love with this city but will also add relief to your holidays in France.

Visit of Bellecour Square

Place Bellecour is in the heart of the city of Lyon, on the peninsula between the Saône and the Rhône. It is one of the largest pedestrian squares in all of Europe and the third largest in France. You can tour the shops, ride the Ferris wheel, visit the tourist office, have your photo taken with the statue of Louis XIV, take the metro and admire the Basilica of Fourvière which dominates the city, all from the square. Bellecour. It is a wonderful place to walk around and get a first impression of the city.

Funicular to Fourvière hill: one of the best activities to do in Lyon!

To enjoy a superb panoramic view of the city, you can take the century-old funicular which leads to the Fourvière hill. From there, you will access the minor basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière as well as the old Gallo-Roman amphitheater. The easiest way to get to Fourvière in Lyon is to take the funicular. Otherwise, if you feel up to it, you can climb the Fourvière hill by the stairs and have additional views over the city …. It is well worth it!

The Notre-Dame de Fourvière Basilica to discover during your stay

You know where to sleep in Lyon now you are looking for places to discover during your vacation? So visiting the Notre Dame de Fourvière Basilica is one of the best activities to do in Lyon! This basilica is absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. Its walls are covered with thousands of colorful mosaics that recount impressive biblical scenes. And when light hits the walls, it creates a myriad of shades and colors at different times of the day, bringing works of art to life.

Lyon contemporary art museum

The seasonal exhibitions of Museum of Modern Art command attention, are provocative, and usually revolve around a fun performance. The museum has a fascinating collection of sound works as well as more conventional contemporary art. It is located on the magnificent Place des Terreaux and remains one of the best attractions of your stay in Lyon!

Les Traboules: one of the essential activities to do in Lyon!

The Traboules are a symbol of the city of Lyon. They are, in fact, hidden tunnels that connect the courtyards and the other streets of Lyon. These passages have been used for centuries, primarily by silk workers who used them to quickly and safely transport material through the city. Later, these tunnels were used during World War II by members of the resistance to hold secret meetings. Ultimately, the activities to do in Lyon are many, but the most important are those that suit your tastes. So don’t forget to choose the most interesting activities from the list and add them to your vacation program for an unforgettable stay in France!